Ways to Minimize Misaligned Teeth in Your Child’s Mouth

Are you concerned about having to invest in braces for your child in the future?

While genetics might not be on your side, there are a few other steps that you can take to try and ensure that your child’s teeth grow in as straight as possible.

Beware of Your Child’s Oral Habits

Is your child a thumbsucker, or has he been using a pacifier for longer than recommended? When these habits occur after your child’s baby teeth have come in, they can cause problems with developing a proper bite. These habits will place unnecessary forward pressure onto the upper teeth, and the bottom teeth will experience reverse, downward pressure. The end result will be improper jaw development, so talk to his pediatric dentist about tips for curbing these habits.

Protect the Baby Teeth

One of the most prominent ways your child’s teeth will become misaligned is if they shift. Often this is due to injuries to the mouth in which a tooth is knocked out or falls out, so if your child participates in any team sports or other contact activities, make sure that he wears a custom-fitted mouth guard. This will allow your child to enjoy his favorite extracurricular activities without worrying about any long-term misalignment problems.

Invest in a Shape Maintainer

After your child reaches about 5 or 6 years old, the baby teeth will start to fall out and the permanent teeth will begin to erupt. This can lead to some crowding in the mouth, so if a baby tooth falls out and its replacement isn’t making an appearance, your dentist might send your child to the orthodontist to talk about a space maintainer. Space maintainers can prevent the teeth from shifting into the space that is intended for the replacement tooth, and the end result can be straighter teeth and less crowding.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your child’s misaligned teeth!

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