Snow Day & Weather Closure Schedule

Snow is hitting our area early this year!  We follow the Mukilteo School District’s closure schedule for snow day closures.

If you have an appointment and wake up to snow or other conditions and are wondering whether we will be open, check the Flash Alert website here:  When Mukilteo School District closes schools, we will also be closed.  If they announce a 2hr late start however, we should be open for our normal hours.  In case we cannot open the office due to safety, we will do our best to notify you.  We will also then contact you next business day to reschedule your child’s appointment.

With all this talk about snow & ice, this is a good time to revisit Dental Emergencies!  We hope an injury never happens to you or your child.  However, it’s always good to know what to do if an accident does happen.  Slips and falls can result in many scenarios:  Tooth fractures, a tooth or teeth being knocked out or out of place, or even jaw fractures.  All of these scenarios can seem scary in the moment, but all are treatable. For best results though, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

Here’s a couple quick tips; but for more details check our our Dental Emergencies page:

Tips for tooth injuries from slips & falls:

  1. If a PERMANENT TOOTH has been knocked out of the mouth, PUT IT BACK IN IMMEDIATELY.  This is for the best chance of saving the tooth.  Leaving a tooth dry and out of the mouth for 15 minutes or more may cause it to die.  If the tooth has visible dirt or debris, DO NOT wipe it. Gently pour milk or tap/bottled water over it.  If possible, gently insert the tooth bite on a wash cloth or gauze until you can get to our office.  When this isn’t possible, put the tooth in a zip-lock bag with milk or saliva, and then put that bag on ice to keep cold.
  2. If a BABY TOOTH has been knocked out, LEAVE IT OUT. Re-inserting a baby tooth can potentially damage the developing permanent tooth.
  3. Most other injury types, while still urgent, do not have the “15 minutes or the tooth dies” urgency of reinserting a permanent tooth which has been knocked out.  Take a deep breath, then call our office or Dr. Seetin after hours (see below), and we will take care of you in a timely manor.

What to do after hours or on weekends:

Dr. Seetin takes pride it trying to always be available and can come in for dental emergencies if necessary.  Call our office phone number and listen to the voicemail and you will hear Dr. Seetin’s direct cell number.  If you don’t reach him immediately, leave a voicemail and he will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can text him as well and take pictures to send – pictures are worth 1000 words!

Visit our Contact Us page for our business hours and contact info to call us if you have questions or are not sure! Thanks, stay safe, and Happy Holidays!

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