Is Your Teen’s Fast-Paced Life Damaging His Teeth?

Teenagers today have more going on than ever. Classes, homework, sporting events, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs often bog down their schedules, and sometimes, certain activities fall off their radar. Unfortunately, a fast-paced lifestyle can ultimately damage your teen’s teeth, so it is important that as parents you are continuing to encourage good oral health habits.

When it comes to bone growth, the teenage years are the peak time for this activity. Your teen will need calories from nutrient-packed foods in order to fuel his growing body while also strengthening the bones and teeth.

Unfortunately, teens today often live on junk food and rely on sugary, acidic energy drinks in order to keep them moving. Not only do these food items and beverages offer no nutritional value, but they can also lead to erosion of the enamel and tooth decay.

Many teens don’t consider the long-term impact of their decision not to care for their teeth while they are younger. Unfortunately, much of the damage that teens do to their mouths can lead to major problems later on that won’t be reversible. The weakening of the tooth structure and premature enamel loss can be devastating to the current and long-term health of your teen’s teeth.

In addition to the problems that acidic and sugary foods can cause to the natural teeth, these foods and drinks can also have an impact on dental restorations. If your teen had sealants put in as a child, or if he had fillings in order to correct a cavity, they may find that these restorations begin to break down. This can further compromise your child’s teeth and might also require more extensive treatments in order to prevent the loss of the tooth.

Talk to your child about his eating and oral hygiene habits. Reminding him that he needs to continue caring for his teeth despite his busy schedule may present some major issues in the future.

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