How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Drinking water is incredibly important when it comes to the health of your entire body, including your mouth. Kids tend to run around all day long without thinking twice about anything until they get thirsty.

It should be the automatic instinct of parents to provide water first, as it can help keep the teeth healthy, along with all of the body parts that require water to thrive.

Easy Ways of Adding More Water to Your Child’s Routine

Start off each morning with a glass of water. It is an easy thing to do, and most kids aren’t opposed to it as they typically wake up with a bit of a dry mouth each morning.

Add a little water into their juice. Juice is good for you, in moderation, but having too much of it is just adding sugar into your child’s diet. Adding a little water cuts the sugar and helps to hydrate your child.

Make homemade popsicles with juice and water, and let your child pick out which one they want for dessert. Use the same juice you are alright with them drinking during the day, but make it in a fun shape or color to enhance its enticement for your child.

Come up with a reward system for each glass of water your child drinks. Make the rewards fun, such as an extra story at night, coloring time with mom or dad, or a walk around the neighborhood. Making water their turn-to drink is good for them, and will help to keep their teeth cleaner than drinking anything else.

If you are trying to make sure your child knows the benefits of water, look them up with your child. The more they know about it, the more likely they are to want to drink what is good for their body, especially if it is what you do, too! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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