A tooth extraction is performed to remove a tooth, whether because of disease, crowding, or damage. When extractions are required, the area around the tooth will be numbed and your dentist will remove the tooth. A small amount of bleeding is normal, as your mouth will replace the removed tooth root by forming a blood clot in the area.

Instructions after a tooth extraction

  • Have your child bite & hold the piece of gauze until you get home (10-15mins). If area continues to bleed, fold up a few squares of the gauze provided, get slightly WET first, and then have him/her bite to hold pressure again for 30 minutes.
  • As soon as your child is home, give him or her an age & weight appropriate dose of Tylenol (Acetaminophen) or Iboprofen (Motrin).  This way, as the numbness wears off, the area will remain comfortable.
  • WATCH your child very closely to make sure he/she does not chew his/her lip while numb.  Until the numbness wears off, any chewy foods should be avoided.  Stick to soft – popsicles, yogurt, apple sauce, soup.
  • Pink/orange appearing saliva is normal – saliva can make “bleeding” appear like more volume than there is.
  • Remind your child not to put his/her tongue or fingers in there mouth.
  • TODAY & TOMORROW, no spitting, no mouthwashes or saltwater rinses, no straws.
  • TODAY & TOMORROW, eat soft foods; Avoid crunchy/grainy foods such as chips, crackers, nuts, and popcorn that can get into the socket.
  • DO NOT TOUCH THE TOOTH: keep it in the tooth saver box/envelope.
  • TONIGHT, you or your child should gently & thoroughly brush all the teeth. You do not have to brush the socket, but it is important that the teeth next to the socket are kept clean to promote good healing.