Preventive Measures for your visit – COVID-19

COVID-19 Preventive Measures at your Pediatric Dental Visit

Our office has re-opened! Along with all dental offices in Washington State, our office closed from March 19th through May 18th. The Governor mandated this closure to preserve the supply of PPE available for healthcare personnel dealing with the virus. We also donated our extra masks, protective eyewear, and face shields to local hospitals that were in need. Now that the Governor announced that dentists may re-open, we want you to know that we take your health and safety very seriously.

We are taking the following preventive measures for all patients to reduce risk of transmission or spread of COVID-19. These measures are in addition to being diligent with our stringent standard infection control protocols of sanitization and sterilization:

Check In & Screening – Preventive Measures

1.) One week prior to your appointment, we will conduct a quick pre-screening questionnaire verbally or via text as recommended by the ADA.

2.) When you arrive, we ask all families remain in their car to check in over the phone. Our staff will repeat the pre-screening questionnaire and take your child’s temperature prior to entry. If your child’s temperature is over 100.4 degrees F or is at-risk due to existing medical conditions, we will reschedule your appointment to an appropriate time at a later date.

3.) We ask that parents remain in the car rather than spending time in our reception or with their child. This reduces the number of people passing through the office, and reduces everyone’s risk of any exposure. Any family member that must attend the appointment with their child (such as infants and toddlers) must bring and wear their own mask at all times.

4.) At the beginning of the visit, we require all patients to perform a 15 second rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide (which we provide).  In the rare chance a patient is infected with COVID-19 but is symptom free, the rinse is shown to break down active virus. This greatly reduces the risk that a patient with an “unknown” case will spread the disease.

During appointments

5.) We are alternating the use of our 4 “open bay” hygiene chairs.  This allows proper social distancing, and in addition we have 3 privacy rooms with doors.  Also by alternating the chairs used there is at least a 30min “break” period between uses. We always sanitize all chairs and surfaces with medical grade bacteriocidal & viricidal wipes as is standard precaution.

6.) We have lengthened appointment times and reduced the number of patients our office will see per day.

7.) We have placed HEPA Filter air-filtration units in our reception and open bay areas.

8.) Regretfully, we have temporarily removed things we all enjoy. This includes our coffee station and all magazines, books, kids toys, beanbag chairs, and stuffed animals. This eliminates items that are repeatedly exposed to multiple people per day and are difficult to sanitize.

9). All our staff are taking additional precautions with PPE including N95 masks and full face shields during cleanings and treatment.

10.) We have hand sanitizer readily available so patients and families can access them during appointments.

11.) If you have any paper forms to complete or sign at your visit, a new pen will be provided to you.

12). Dr. Seetin made “sneeze guard” plexiglass walls for each of the front desk locations.

Please be patient! We are booking appointments for 40 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes to accommodate these additional preventive measures.  To help us keep on time, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your child’s appointment start time. This way we can perform the screening procedures prior to their visit start.

We encourage everyone in our community to continue to take steps to minimize the spread of the virus as dictated by the CDC.  Information regarding this virus is dynamic and updated regularly. You can find the most reliable source of information and newest recommendations here:

If you have questions about our new protocols, please contact us and we can help put your mind at ease!  Stay safe!

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