Choose Your Toddler’s Sippy Cup Wisely

Sippy cups are a staple during the toddler years. Your youngster will try out a variety of new beverages in his trusty sippy cup, and it may be difficult to separate him from it. Luckily for parents, these cups come equipped with a spill-proof spout and a tight lid that are designed to withstand all of the wear and tear that your toddler puts it through.

What many parents don’t realize is that a sippy cup can lead to tooth decay if not used properly. By allowing your child to constantly suck on a cup that contains juice or milk, his teeth will be bathed in sugars all day. Over time, this can lead to enamel erosion that can cause some serious dental health concerns on your little one’s baby teeth.

Choosing the right sippy cup can take some of the tooth-related “danger” out of sippy cups. One thing to look for is a cup that allows your child to actually sip rather than sucking. Some cups require that children suck to get the liquid out – similarly to how they would with a bottle. Options with a slotted opening for sipping rather than a valve will better limit the flow of liquids and are better choices for your child.

Some parents skip sippy cups completely and go right to traditional cups, but if you do allow your child to use a sippy cup, try to offer water anytime that he will be using the cup for a long period of time, such as a long car ride. Otherwise, restricting the use of these cups to the table can help to limit the exposure that his teeth receive to sugary liquids, especially if you will be brushing his teeth after he has a glass of milk or juice. This can help to prevent pediatric cavities and other problems.

Please contact us if you have any questions about sippy cups effect on your child’s oral health.

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