Changing a Child’s Toothbrush Can Be a Fun Experience

Some kids get into specific habits and routines and do not like to change them. If your child is like that, then you may struggle when it comes time to changing out his or her toothbrush unless you find the exact same kind each and every time.

Instead of trying to find a mega-box of the same exact toothbrush, make the whole experience fun and exciting.

Letting Them Pick the Day

Look at your calendar when you first open their new toothbrush and point out when you will hit that magical three-month mark. Tell them that this is when you need to change out their brush, so they need to pick out a day to go with you to the store and find the one they will like the most. Then, leave the heavy decisions up to them.

Let Them Pick the Best Toothbrush Out of the Bunch

Even the most expensive toothbrush for kids is only about $10, so over the course of three months, it’s only a few dollars each month. Just let your child look at the wide variety of brushes that are available and pick out the one that they are most likely to use each morning and night. If they get to pick out their toothbrush, then they are far more likely to be accepting of it than if you pick out one that just doesn’t match what they wanted.

Have fun with the toothbrush process with your kids. Getting them involved in the habits early on that will give them optimal oral health later is the best way to instill the need for them to always take care of their mouth. This process is easy, and can give your child a sense of empowerment when it comes to taking care of themselves, which is a great lesson to grow with.

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