Are Early Gaps Signs of Adult Dental Problems?

It’s an exciting time when your child’s teeth start coming in.  He’s growing up so fast.  But over time, as more and more teeth emerge, you start to notice that there are spaces between each tooth.

Now you’re starting to get worried that these gaps mean he will have gaps as an adult.  But are these gaps a sign that he will have problems as an adult?

Space is Actually Good

Your child’s baby teeth are space holders for their permanent teeth.  They are also small, much smaller than adult teeth.  This means that adult teeth are going to need more room.  Therefore, having gaps is actually a good thing.  The gaps indicate that there will be room to accommodate your child’s future, bigger, teeth.

No Space is Bad

If your child’s baby teeth touch, or even appear overcrowded, this could be a sign of adult dental problems.  When the smaller teeth are touching, this means that there is no room for the larger, permanent teeth.  Therefore, when your child begins losing baby teeth and replacing the empty spaces with adult teeth, these new teeth will quickly collide, creating a situation of overcrowding.  Your child could wind up needing braces to correct the problem, as these permanent teeth attempt to all fit in his mouth.  No matter if there are gaps or no gaps, talk to your child’s dentist if you are concerned.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Always be sure that your child brushes his teeth twice a day and flosses as well.  Just because there are spaces between his teeth, this doesn’t mean food can’t get stuck or plaque can’t build up.  This helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  Proper oral hygiene at a young age will help assure healthy teeth as an adult.

Don’t worry if you notice gaps in your little one’s smiling mouth.  These gaps are actually letting you know that there is going to be sufficient space for his permanent teeth, and that his risk of dental issues is going to be low, as long as he regularly cares for his tiny teeth now.

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