Who are the kids that come to a pediatric dentist?

  • Children who require a lot of tender loving care to get through their dental appointments.
  • Children in need of extensive work that requires a highly trained efficient staff familiar with children’s needs.
  • Children who just prefer an environment designed specifically for them with other children around.

The pediatric dental specialist has a minimum of two additional years of education just in dentistry for children. By referring your child to our office, your family dentist has recognized that your child might benefit from the additional care, time and effort that a specialty office can provide. Your dentist wants your child to receive the best care possible, In an office designed just for kids so that they might develop into an excellent adult dental patient and be rewarded with good dental health throughout their lives.

We realize that you are entrusting our office with the dental health of your child. We commit to you that we will do everything humanly possible to deliver excellent dental care to your child in a professional and courteous manner. We committed to keeping you informed of your child’s current dental health and preventing future dental disease through semi-annual dental examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants.