3 Great Benefits to a Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Do you think the only thing that your child will get out of a visit to the Tooth Fairy is a dollar for a lost tooth? Think again! The Tooth Fairy an actually provide several other great benefits when she visits regularly.

The Tooth Fairy Teaches the Importance of Good Oral Care

Make sure that your children know that the Tooth Fairy will be most interested in teeth that are clean and healthy. This can keep them motivated to brush and floss properly. In some cases, they might even think twice before they snack on a sugary treat or something else that could cause a cavity.

The Tooth Fairy Can Teach Your Child About Finance

For most children, the first real connection they make to money is the earnings that they receive from the Tooth Fairy. You can use this time as a teaching tool to help your child better understand the value of money and the importance of saving. Encourage your child to put the money he receives from the Tooth Fairy in a piggy bank to save it for a rainy day.

The Tooth Fairy Helps to Reinforce Good Behavior

Some parents use the Tooth Fairy as a way to reinforce good behavior, even inviting her to their home more often than just when a tooth is lost. She may write notes of encouragement and words of wisdom. If your child has been doing a great job brushing her teeth – or even if she has had success in an area of her life not related to teeth – it could be beneficial to have her stop by and leave a nice note.

While some parents are hesitant to try out the Tooth Fairy tradition with their kids, there are actually several great benefits. Consider inviting her to your home the next time your child loses a tooth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about tooth fairy tips or your child’s oral health.

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